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Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

HEPA Cyclone Concrete Dust Extractor

Key features:

Strong suction, stable and reliable, space saving, strong mobility, easy to operate.

Suitable for workplaces that require single phase, adjustable airflow or continuous work, and have a lot of fine dust particle.

Equipped with a pull-down Longopac system for dust collection and easy handling of grinding residues.

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HEPA cyclone concrete dust extractor for concrete grinding

PF-V3/V4 HEPA cyclone concrete dust extractor also called dust collector , it is a very important industrial floor vacuum cleaner for concrete floor grinding polishing or scarifying that create a dust-free and healthy working environment.

To protect the concrete dust collector and extend its life,  PF-V3 / V4  are equipped with three US brand Ametek motors. Each motor is 1.2kw, powerful and long working life of 800-1000 hours.

PF-V3 / V4 are specially designed for the concrete floor grinding and polishing industry, they can be connected to concrete grinders, rippers, shot blasting machines and concrete scarifier machines of small to large sizes, to extract freshly cut fragile concrete dust.

PF-V4 is two-stage filter model, the pre-filter is a cyclone separator, filtering more than 98% of the dust, reduce dust entering the concrete dust collector and extend the working time. PF-V3 is one stage filter model, so it cheaper than PF-V4.

Product detail

OSHA complied dust extractor: Complying with OSHA's new respirable crystalline dust standards (29 CFR 1910.1953). This high-performing unit meets OSHA's dust collector requirements and helps provide a cleaner, healthier work site.
part 1: Dust free jet pulse filter cleaning, Like all HONWAY dust extractors, this model features the Jet Pulse filter cleaning system for dust-free cleaning of the filter. This unique system efficiently purges the pre-filter within the closed vacuum-there's no need to open the machine and create a dust hazard.
part 2: H13 HEPA Filter, Tested and certified cylindrical-shaped HEPA filter rated at 99.99% efficiency @ 0.3 microns. Use this machine for cleanup in between concrete grinding passes or as a general construction vacuum. It will effectively pick up a wide range of building materials and debris.
part 3: Vacuum motor, HONWAY dust collection systems equipped with a powerful US brand Ameterk motor, with life of 800-1000 working hours. Give a reliable support for your job.
part 4: D50 double layer anti static hose
HEPA Cyclone Concrete Dust Extractor Features: Mess-Free Dust Disposal, Drop-down dust collection into a plastic bag or continuous bagging system so you can enjoy mess-free dustless disposal.



































Technical details for the HEPA cyclone concrete dust extractor

Motor unit:

Three industrial-grade single-phase motors with independent ON / OFF, which can adjust the air flow to meet different needs.

Cooling system

The cyclone concrete dust extractor adopts the cooling system of air-cooled double bypass. This updated design could keep the motor at a constant temperature during use and increase the service life of the motor by more than 3 times.

Famous brand switches

Schneider switch, a famous German brand, in line with international certification, with phase loss, overheating and overload power failure protection, effectively protect the motor.

HEPA Filter unit:

Equipped with HEPA (PTFE coated, “TORAY” polyester fiber).  The HEPA concrete dust extractor can separate 0.3um of dust with an efficiency of 99.5%, thereby ensuring high standards of quality and safety.

Jet Pulse Filter cleaning technology:

The cyclone concrete dust collector use jet pulse filter cleaning technique. It uses a reverse air flow which “pulses” in the opposite direction of the filtered air flow. The pulse of clean air tends to swell the filter media, mechanically disturbing the dust cake on the filter and then blowing it out of the filter.

jet cyclone HEPA concrete dust extractor






PF-V3/V4 concrete dust collector Key features:

Strong suction, stable and reliable, space saving, strong mobility, easy to operate.

Suitable for workplaces that require single phase, adjustable airflow or continuous work, and have a lot of fine dust particle.

Equipped with a pull-down Longopac system for dust collection and easy handling of grinding residues.jet cyclone HEPA concrete dust extractor bags







What is Longopac system?

Each PF-V3 /V4 HEPA concrete dust collector is sending with a roll of Longopac bags, one roll can be divided into about 40 bags, each bag carries dust 25-28kg, thickness of each bag is 60um.

Why do PF-V3 / V4 HEPA concrete dust extractor use Longopac bags?

The traditional concrete dust vacuum cleaners need to use ordinary bag for dust treatment. It need to pour the dust in specified place when dust bag are filled. Use Longopac can reduce the process, can be in bag piled up in the work area.

Use Longopac bagging system make easier dust treatment. In this system, all dust can be collected in smoked pull plastic bags. It can easily make you minimize exposure to dust, and save your time for duct pouring. Such a dust-free disposal scheme is very important, as concrete dust contains a lot of silica sand powder, which can cause severe and permanent lung damage, cancer and other serious diseases.

It only takes 4 mins to install a roll of Longopac bags on the HEPA concrete dust extractor .

Reduce the time of bagging. A dust bag from pour dust (Dust pouring position away working area in 200m) , to bagging on the concrete dust vacuum cleaners, took 6mins.

Use Longopac, can transport all the grinding dust to the processing sites without leakage. And the transportation is very convenient.

Advantages of using cyclone filtration:

Concrete cyclone dust extractor PF-V4 is equipped with a cyclone separator, which can prevent dust from being adsorbed on the filter and the motor. From bottom to top, the cyclone separator is generally equipped above the dust collector. The basic form of cyclone separator is similar like hollow state of the upper and lower openings of the cone. After the dust enters into the dust bucket through the suction grill and hose, as the pressure and air flow circle in the middle, some of dust will float upward. When they pass through the cyclone separator, most of dust is blocked by the cyclone separator, and only a small amount of dust float up and is adsorbed on the filter, which means a more protection for the filter. By this kind of separating, 90% of dust can collected into the continuous dust bag.

If you use a concrete dust extractor without a cyclone, for example, you might need to shake the manual dust shaker or press the electric shock button after 20 minutes of working. If you use a concrete dust extractor with a cyclone, you can use it for 40 minutes before clean filter.

Choose HONWAY V3/V4 HEPA concrete dust extractor for concrete grinding is right!





Model PF-V3 PF-V4
cyclone separator NO YES
Voltage 220v-240v, 1P 220v-240v, 1P
Power 4.8HP / 3.6KW 4.8HP / 3.6KW
Current 12A 12A
Water Lift (inch) 90 90
Air Flow (cfm) 354 m³ / hour 354 m³ / hour
Filter type HEPA filter "TORAY" polyester HEPA filter "TORAY" polyester
Filter area 3 m² / 32 ft 2 3 m² / 32 ft 2
Filter Capacity 0.3 um >99.5% 0.3 um >99.5%
Filter Cleaning Jet pulse filter cleaning Jet pulse filter cleaning
Dimension 660mm*675mm*1185mm 650mm*1030mm*1460mm
Weight  50KG/ 114lbs 80KG / 182lbs

Packing and Shipping:

packing and shipping details

Before sales service:

Answer the questions and suggest according to floor condition and floor finish.

During sales service:

Check and report the delivery process within a few days, until the customer get the cargo.

After sales service:

Respond to problem within 1 hour (except 0:00-8:00 China time), solve the problem 4 hours, delivery of spare parts 24 hours.

Supply of spare parts:

All the time, stock, can be sent within 24 hours.

OEM service:

Customized. HONWAY is the factory certificated by SGS. OEM ability is enough strong.


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