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HEPA Concrete Dust Collector

Key features:

Strong suction, stable and reliable, space saving, strong mobility, easy to operate.

Suitable for workplaces that require single phase, adjustable airflow or continuous work, and have a lot of fine dust particle.

Equipped with a pull-down Longopac system for dust collection and easy handling of grinding residues.

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HEPA Concrete Dust Collector

Ensuring safe operation and air quality are the main goals of the HEPA concrete dust collector, SF-D1/D2/D3 110 / 220 V industrial dust collection system are specially used for grinding and polishing concrete floors.

Product detail

OSHA complied dust extractor: Complying with OSHA's new respirable crystalline dust standards (29 CFR 1910.1953). This high-performing unit meets OSHA's dust collector requirements and helps provide a cleaner, healthier work site.
HEPA Cyclone Concrete Dust Collector part 1: Dust free jet pulse filter cleaning, Like all HONWAY dust extractors, this model features the Jet Pulse filter cleaning system for dust-free cleaning of the filter. This unique system efficiently purges the pre-filter within the closed vacuum-there's no need to open the machine and create a dust hazard.
part 2: H13 HEPA Filter, Tested and certified cylindrical-shaped HEPA filter rated at 99.99% efficiency @ 0.3 microns. Use this machine for cleanup in between concrete grinding passes or as a general construction vacuum. It will effectively pick up a wide range of building materials and debris.
part 3: Vacuum motor, HONWAY dust collection systems equipped with a powerful US brand Ameterk motor, with life of 800-1000 working hours. Give a reliable support for your job.
HEPA Industrial Cyclone Concrete Dust Extractor part 4: D50 double layer anti static hose
HEPA Cyclone Concrete Dust Extractor Features: Mess-Free Dust Disposal, Drop-down dust collection into a plastic bag or continuous bagging system so you can enjoy mess-free dustless disposal.

Why HEPA  concrete dust collectors must be used during concrete grinding and polishing?

Pneumococcus is caused by long-term inhalation of large amounts of silica and other dust. The dust stays in the bronchi-oles and alveolar for a long time, and even if it leaves the dusty workplace, the lesions will continue to develop.

According to the Ministry of Health data, the incidence of pneumococcus is the highest in occupational diseases. According to the data, by the end of 2010, the proportion of cases was as high as 90.21%, and the mortality rate exceeded 20%.

Advantages of SF-D1/D2/D3 HEPA  concrete dust collector

H13 HEPA filter which conform to OSHA

HEPA filter for SF-D1

The filter area of the first grade filter is 1.7 m2, and the H13 filter area is 1.2 m2. Each HEPA filter is independently tested and certified. SF-D1 secondary filtration can separate fine dust with efficiency> 99.99%@0.3μm, ensuring that your working space is a clean and safe environment. SF-D1 is recommended for small grinders such as HW-G1 concrete floor edge grinder and handheld concrete grinders.

HEPA filter for SF-D2

The filter area of the first grade filter is 3.0 m2, and the H13 filter area is 2.4 m2. H13 filter is the final stage. Each HEPA filter has been individually tested and proven to have a minimum dust removal efficiency of> 99.99%@0.3μm, meeting new silica requirements.

HEPA filter for SF-D3
The filter area of the first grade filter is 4.2 m2, and the H13 filter area is 3.6 m2. With 3 pieces of Ametek large motors, SF-D3 has enough power for any medium or large size concrete floor grinder, concrete floor scarifier, floor shot blasting machine, for suction the concrete floor dust. Certified HEPA filters (0.3 microns) reach 99.99%  to ensure that the vacuum exhaust is absolutely dust-free. SF-D3 comes with a complete tool kit including hoses, rods and floor tools.

The thickness of the HEPA concrete dust collector barrel is 1.5 mm

In order to reduce the manufacture cost, common concrete dust extractors usually makes the barrel 1.0 mm thickness. However, HONWAY concrete dust extractors makes barrel 1.5 mm thickness. 1.5 mm is stronger and more durable for preventing rust and corrosion. Neither dust nor liquid in the barrel will leak.

Continuous bagging system ensures quick and dust free bag changes

HONWAY industrial dust collector  adopts a unique continuous bagging structure-continuous bagging, which is convenient for loading and unloading. It is folded by a tubular plastic bag and can be continuously pulled. The length of each set is about 22 meters, which can be used 25 times. The dust collection bag is made of polyethylene (PE), polyethylene film, light and transparent, and has the properties of moisture resistance, oxygen resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, general air tightness, and excellent heat seal ability.

Efficient jet pulse filter cleaning

The two-stage filter unit can effectively reduce the burden on the filter, which no need for automatic pulse back flushing of compressed air. After a period of use (4-8 hours), clean the dust with the jet pulse filter cleaning system. HONWAY’s unique cleaning system effectively cleans the dust left in the filters. It is economical and practical, and easy to operate.

Filter building block

Considering that the amount of dust generated by concrete floor grinding is very large. The common dust extractors have the problem of filter plugging.  SF series HEPA concrete dust collector uses the structure of a pre-HEPA filter + two-stage H13 filter: the two filters work step by step, so the filter area is larger than the only one filter. Two filters greatly reduces the filtering speed, dust ‘s adsorption force on the filters. With the jet pulse filter cleaning, the two filters can be cleaned easily and prevent clogging problems.

The particle size of dust which is produced by floor grinding and polishing is very small (as small as 1 μm). For most common industrial dust collector in the market now, the dust are easy to come out (the outlet of the fan muffler carry very small dust particles). HONWAY industrial concrete dust collectors configure two high-efficiency levels of filters (filtration accuracy reaches 0.3μm) The first-stage filter unit is HEPA filter, with coated with PTFE, TORAY ,made in Japan, and the filtration accuracy is more than 99.5%. The second filtration accuracy is 0.3μm particle size. The filtering accuracy is more than 99.99%, which has a good removal effect on PM2.5 and effectively rejects dust penetration.

In normal use, the service life of the first-level filter is about 0.5-1 year. Replace it according to the actual use and maintenance.

The secondary filter element can be cleaned once every 1-2 months according to the actual use, and the normal service life is about 2 years.

Quick Connector

SF HEPA concrete dust collector series air inlet adopts stainless steel 316 quick connector at the connection of PU hose. Quick connector is one that can connect or disconnect pipes without tools. When the dust extractor and floor grinder are used for a while and needs to clean, the air inlet needs to be disassembled. Installing this quick connector at the air inlet can more easily remove the filter for dust cleaning operation.

Schneider Circuit Breaker

The start and stop of the motor adopts the internationally famous brand- Schneider, circuit breaker, with thermal overload and short circuit protection.

110 / 220V single phrase industrial concrete dust collector machine is available.

Each motor is independently controlled, for on/off. The available voltage is 110 V or 220 V, single phrase.


There are 4 swivel casters installed at the bottom of the concrete dust collector machine body, each bearing 130 KG. The wheel body is made of super polyurethane (PU), which has excellent shock absorption, abrasion resistance and oil resistance. It can move freely, and is very smooth between rolling, which would not hurt and scratch the floor.


In terms of noise, in a room with a normal indoor environment of 30 dB. The working noise of the dust extractor is acceptable as it is in the range of 70-80dB, which is relatively low noise level of industrial concrete dust collector.

Picture description of industrial concrete dust collector technology

Jet Pulse Filter cleaning technology

jet cyclone HEPA concrete dust extractor






jet cyclone HEPA concrete dust extractor bags







Model SF-D1A/B SF-D2A/B SF-D3A/B
Voltage 220V/110V 220V/110V 220V/110V
Power 1.2kw/1.6hp 2.4kw / 3.2hp 3.6kw / 4.8hp

2.4kw / 3.2hp

Current 4/8A 8/16A 12/16A
Air Flow(max) 118cfm/200m3/h 236cfm/400m3/h 354cfm/600m3/h


Water Lift 220mbar/90inch" 220mbar/90inch" 220mbar/90inch"


Filter TORAY polyster HEPA filter TORAY polyster HEPA filter TORAY polyster HEPA filter
Pre-filter ﹥99.5%@1.0um,1.7m2, ﹥99.5%@1.0um,3.0m2, ﹥99.5%@1.0um,4.2m2,
HEPA filter (H13) ﹥99.99%@1.0um,1.2m2 ﹥99.99%@1.0um,2.4m2 ﹥99.99%@1.0um,3.6m2
Filter Cleaning Jet pulse fiter cleaning Jet pulse filter cleaning Jet pulse filter cleaning
Weight 67lbs/30kg 107lbs/48kg 145lbs/65kg
Dimension 16.5*26.7*43.3"






Dust collection Longapac bag Longapac bag Longapac bag

Packing and Shipping:

packing and shipping details

Before sales service:

Answer the questions and suggest according to floor condition and floor finish.

During sales service:

Check and report the delivery process within a few days, until the customer get the cargo.

After sales service:

Respond to problem within 1 hour (except 0:00-8:00 China time), solve the problem 4 hours, delivery of spare parts 24 hours.

Supply of spare parts:

All the time, stock, can be sent within 24 hours.

OEM service:

Customized. HONWAY is the factory certificated by SGS. OEM ability is enough strong.


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