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Concrete Grinder

HW-G6 220V 380V Concrete Surface Grinder

Key Features

The design of planetary plate makes machine high working efficiency;

All aluminum alloy gear box, completely gear driven for superior durability and reliability;

The accuracy and precision of manufacturing gears is very high;

The working direction of motor can be right and left;

The structure of double bearing could prevent oil leaking;

Grinding plates are attached to the machine by the mold making rubbers.

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HW-G6 220V 380V Planetary Head Concrete Surface Grinder

HW-G6 220V 380V planetary head concrete surface grinder has three grinding head, 9pcs diamond pad for grinding and polishing the concrete floor surface. It is the medium size among the HONWAY planetary gear structure concrete floor grinder, the grinding width is 600mm.

Features of HW-G6 concrete surface grinder

Bearing: If the concrete floor grinder has bearing damage, it will cause bigger noise, the output shaft would shake, and the gear box would also shake. HONWAY uses famous brand-Japan NSK. NSK is well known bearing brand all over the world.

Wire: China famous brand, pure copper wire core; good performance in electrical conductivity, load capacity, waterproof. Enough length and enough size of the wire ensures electricity safety.

Casters: concrete surface grinder often affords the weight up to hundreds of kilograms, so HONWAY machines use polyurethane heavy-duty casters, with good performance on wear-resistant and shock absorption.

Electrical components: China famous brand buttons and switches, IP67 waterproof plug. CE certification. Additional iron weight: 25kg, increases the grinding pressure; The dustproof shroud touches floor closely to reduce dust.

Vacuum port: Equipped with vacuum port (50mm) and the water tank, for dry and wet diamond grinding concrete floor.

Products show :

HW-G6 220V 380V planetary head concrete surface grinder machines is driven by gears, planetary design. The planetary gearbox has three grinding disc. The gearbox and the three grinding disc rotate towards converse direction like a satellite or planetary, which gives more pressure on the three grinding disc, so it works more powerfully and effectively.HW-G6 220V 380V planetary head concrete surface grinder general introduction
HW-G6 220V 380V planetary head concrete surface grinder have the key features: the gear box is the soul of the concrete floor grinder.
The quality and performance of diamond floor grinder depends mainly on the gear box. We could say the gear box is the soul of the machine. The quality of gearbox is closely related with many factors: design, material, process, assembly, etc. HONWAY has a team of experienced gear engineers and processing workers, who participate on the improvement and quality control of gear box.
leak oil from sides,leak oil from shafts, leak oil from seals

Oil leak is also related with the gearbox: its design on leak oil, manufacture, porcess, etc, even with the assembly.
HONWAY concrete surface grinder gear box, gears, shafts, and sleeves are precisely proceed and the tolerance is controlled carefully, for make sure the gap is very tiny.

Double seal design: around the output axis, two seals are put, for block oil. Good quality on seal and O ring-heat resistant, wear resistant. for example, the seals is TTO brand, which is from Taiwan enterprise.
Good quality on seal and O ring-heat resistant, wear resistant. for example, the seals is TTO brand, which is from Taiwan enterprise.

What the electrical elements protect? the concrete surface grinder machine? No, they protect human beings

diamond floor grinder needs people to operate very closely, and by hands, so the eletrical elements are extremely important for the safety of human beings. In actual grinding floor, the electrical conditions are very complex: overload, under-voltage, exceed current and so on, which threaten the safety.
220V 380V planetary head concrete floor grinder polisher, HONWAY use pure copper motor, sunye inverter, IP67 industrial plugs. Motor factory is an old one with 50 years, and only uses pure copper as the material. The motor is built-in overload protection, leakage protection, phase loss protection.

diamond floor grinder: inverter, one of top ten low-voltage inverters bands in China, is involved in the design of HONWAY high-performance current vector inverter.

diamond floor grinder:IP67 industrial plugs, water proof grade, no problem for wet grinding environment. The wires are thick enough to afford big electrical current.
concrete floor grinding pad

concrete floor polishing pad

How to choose a concrete surface grinder?

The most important part of concrete diamond grinder is gear box.

If the gears are precisely manufactured, if the gear box leaks oil… these are related with machinery technique, work craft, and factory management.

Honway diamond floor grinder are gear driven type. Honway gears are made by world top gear processing equipment Reishauer. (The processing equipment decides the gear accuracy) The gears grinding is seventh grade, which guarantees that the gears are solid, still keeps flexibility, but not elastic. Gears’ accuracy and solidity make sure that gears drives precise like a Rolex watch.

I come across a case that the gears of upper plate are easily broken when the concrete surface grinder hits steel rear under floor. This is not the most bad situation, if the hit is violent, the gears of upper plate are broken and the hit is transferred to the gears of below plates, the gear box has to open and replace gears.

The thing which happens easily for the diamond floor grinder is the gear box leaks oil.

Oil leak is very bore some, as floor will be stained with oil. The gear box can’t completely sealed, as it needs to contain gears and be connected to grinding plates. So it has the gas to leak oil.gears, design, worker’s work craft. Only a little negligence would cause problem.

For example, Honway once had the design of single seal, if the seal needs to replace, the gear box has to open (all knows that gear box is not easy to open). Now Honway had the design of double seal,if oil seal gets old, or problems, just take out the grinding plates and replace seals, which is easy to operate, and the customers could do it in their floor site.  Honway has solved many problems of leak oil, which are not seen from the machine outlook. Honway knows it well from the old customer’s feedback, and always improve, otherwise the customers will be lost.

Selection of diamond abrasives:

Diamond metal grinding pad for concrete surface grinder:

HW-G6 has two kinds of attachment: screws and magnet, Redi-lock.

screws and magnet,three screw hole and magnets; advantages: mainstream grinding pads, the price is more economic.

Redi-lock,it gets tighter more when the plates rotate, advantages: impossible for diamond pads to fly out.

Diamond resin polishing pad for diamond floor grinder:

9pcs switch plates will be given to attach resin pads, by Velcro.

Model HW-G6A HW-G6B
Power 220V, 7.5KW 380V,7.5KW
Hertzs 50/60HZ 50/60HZ
Inverter 9KW 9KW
Current 28.1A 14.9A
Plate Speed 300-1600rpm 300-1600rpm
Work Area 600mm 600mm
Disc Diameter 230mm*3 230mm*3
Extra Weight 25KG 25KG
Weight 207KG 207KG
L*W*H 970*550*850mm 970*550*850mm


package: conform to export standard. 12-15 mm thick plywood and pallet, which could afford up to 1000KG. The package is not made by HONWAY company, but by the professional package company.


1. The machinery is usually delivered by sea shipping, delivery time is 15-35 days.
2. The consumables and spare parts can be delivered by Express like DHL...Delivery time is 3-7 days.
3. The cargo also can be sent to the destination airport,which is more economic than Express, Delivery time is 3-5 days.

All gear box have been tested 48 hours before leaving factory.

All machine problem can be traced to individuals in the factory.

1 year warranty on the motor, invert er  and gear box.

After warranty, the spare parts are sent by DHL.

Spare parts are always stocked, even if for the old models.

For over 10 sets machines, HONWAY send the technician for training.



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