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Concrete Grinder

HW-G2 220/380V Single Head Concrete Grinder

Key Features

Dust-free operation thanks to floating cover;

Schneider electrical element guarantees electrical safety;

Compacted, very easy for transportation and set-up;

Quick chang of diamond pad, just with a hammer;

Ergonomic working posture;




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HW-G2  220V 380V Single Head Concrete Grinder

The 220v 380V single head concrete grinder is a professional floor grinder for epoxy floor. The smallest one among HONWAY grinding products. It has a high motor rotation rate (1440rpm), 5.5hp, grinding width 400mm, so it works effectively and continuously for a long time. The overload protect elements are Schneider, which avoids leak age and phrase protection. 220V concrete grinder use inverter, the speed is variable.


Smoothing rough surfaces or trowel marks;

Repairing damaged concrete slabs;

Removing epoxy thin-coats;

Grinding sharp grout,mastic,flint and granite;

Leveling and smoothing uneven surfaces.

Grinding concrete floor high spots.

More detail:

HW-G2 220/380V single head concrete floor grinder is called concrete killer for epoxy floor. 400mm grinding width and 8 pieces of diamond tools. Robust, high performance grinding effect. Variable speed is the option.
HW-G2 220/380V single head concrete floor grinder machine body, steel tube, not steel plate: steel tube and triangle chassis support machine much more and vibration is much less.
HW-G2 220/380V single head concrete floor grinder machine has floating cover: spin 360 degree, follow floor up and down, which prevent dust from entering the work site.
HW-G2 220/380V single head concrete floor grinder machine variable speed: 220v,single phrase, 7.5hp nverter, very assurance of electrical safety.
flexible joints: Perfect mechanical coordination makes it turns smoothly.
compacted size: for easy and quick transportation, which can be put in the car trunk.
supper quality wheels: rubber and aluminum wheels, no one case about wheels until now.
What electrical elements protects? The motor and machine? No, they protects the human beings. For human safety, Honway has a strict electrical system-motor, electrical elements,  cable, wire, joints. Every aspects needs to be considered, for the sake of human safety.
exported grade motor: pure copper(very important), built-in overload protection, leakage protection, phase loss protection, also no case about motor until now.
Schneider contractor and circuit breaker: provides protection when overload, under voltage, bigger current, short circuit, etc.
standard and strict wire connections: refers to CE standard. Even if a very small thread domes out ,it would cause short circuit.
how to install diamond grinding tools?
how to install diamond polishing pad?
CE and SGS

Model HW-G2A HW-G2B
Power 380V/4KW 220/380V/4KW
Hertzs 50/60HZ 50/60HZ
Inverter - 5.5KW
Current 8.8A 12.8/8.8A
Plate Speed 1440rpm 0-1600rpm
Work Area 400mm 400mm
Weight 80KG 85KG
L*W*H 800*500*800mm 800*500*800mm

Packing and Shipping:

packing and shipping details

Before sales service:

Answer the questions and suggest according to floor condition and floor finish.

During sales service:

Check and report the delivery process within a few days, until the customer get the cargo.

After sales service:

Respond to problem within 1 hour (except 0:00-8:00 China time), solve the problem 4 hours, delivery of spare parts 24 hours.

Supply of spare parts:

All the time, stock, can be sent within 24 hours.

OEM service:

Customized. HONWAY is the factory certificated by SGS. OEM ability is enough strong.


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