China Factory manufacture 110/220/380V concrete floor grinder

Professional manufacturer of floor grinding machine


110/220V concrete floor edge grinder

110/220V Edge Grinder

HW-G1 not only grinds the floor,but also grinds the edge!It is designed as a floor grinder with edge function on both sides.

220/380V single plate concrete grinder

Single Plate Floor Grinder

HW-G2 is a professional floor grinder for epoxy floor. The smallest one among HONWAY grinding products.

220/380V planetary plates concrete grinder

3 Head Concrete Grinder

HW-G4/G6/G8 220/380V planetary plates concrete grinder Planetary plates rotate toward different direction,which increase working performance.

4 Head Planetary Plate Concrete Floor Grinder

4 Head Concrete Grinder

4 head grinder with an all gear drive system that perfectly balances the machine and makes grinding completely level.

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Honway Technology company Co.,Ltd (Chinese based) is a manufacturer and exporter of light construction machinery:
The main products: floor scarifier/planer, with TCT scarify cutter; floor grinder and polisher, with diamond tools; concrete saws, with diamond blades, hand scabbler. The product applications: floor preparation, industrial floor, high speed concrete and asphalt, civil construction, high speed concrete and asphalt road repair, smlll area work.

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  • Certificated By SGS

    Certificated By SGS

    June 18, 2019, SGS worker come to HONWAY factory for verify the authenticity!!! Authentic manufacturer in China, Certificated by SGS!!!     ...

  • 2019-10-15Certificated By SGS

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